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Everyone  loves a good manicure to complete their look. We ensure that you are not only pampered, but relaxed in a calming atmosphere while completing your look  as well. Our nail services offer the latest products on the market with upscale treatments. We focus on natural nails offering hand massage treatments,  basic manicures, spa manicures, no chip manicures, dip manicures, therapeutic paraffin waxing treatments, and nail art as well. We have several brands of nail polishes: DND, OPI, Essie, Morgan Taylor, and Seche. 


Our pedicures are customized to fit the clients preference. We offer three types of pedicures basic, spa, and jelly spa

pedicures  Our pedicures have a wide selection of treatment choices to choose from.  Once you experience our pedicures  you'll always want to treat your feet!                                              

Facial Waxing 

Our waxing expert is here to remove all your facial hair needs gently and painless as possible.  We use two different types of waxing soft and hard waxing depending on the clients sensitivity level. 

Massage Services

 We offer chair massages and aromatherapy scalp massages. Massages are relaxing and you can boost your service by getting a scalp massage. Our scalp massages use essential oils that cleanse the scalp, prevent hair loss, strengthen hair, control irritation and dandruff, stimulate hair follicles, improve circulation, promote hair growth and relaxes you too!  

Aromatherapy Scalp Oils

The mixtures that provide you the best aromatherapy scalp massages. 

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